MINUTES: August 16, 2010

Present: Crystal, Rachel, Adam, Brenda, Scott, Aaron, Gerald, Doug, Brenda

  • To have or not have a Tutorial at Victoria: Conclusion was to send an email to the participants whether they want to stick around an extra-day for a tutorial but we will be very clear that there are upfront costs involved with organizing something like this.

  • Tutorials (some suggestions):
    • More time for OT than for Splatalogue
    • Less time or no time for CASA since it is not relevant for Ph1 (perhaps do one tutorial with SV data)
    • Good advertisement with clear notice that this is not an interferometery school; preparation with pre-reading and installed tools / primer.
    • To prepare best for staffing we will query the participants abouttheir level of expertise
    • Front load the tutorials to allow more user-driven

  • Revised version of the Primer (Discussion / Suggestions):
    • Move Early Science before Full Science (for tables and text)
    • Largest scale - if the OT requests this number -- what shall we put in here?
    • Note in the primer whether science is appropriate for EarlyScience e.g., ACA not avail, TP may or may not be.
    • Move Glossary at the end
    • Go through and note that TP & Snapshot modes will not be available

  • ACTION ITEM: Aaron to make a wiki for the science web suggestions that were collated from last Thursday's meeting.

  • ACTION ITEM: Crystal & Doug: Mark Adams has been asked to send out a NRAO e-news msg about the conference (should occur the next couple of days). And after that Doug will draft an email to this effect to send out to all the participants.

  • ACTION ITEM: Kartik to break down the tutorials into more detailedplan --> what do we need to convey.

  • Meeting time change: Mondays at 4pm

  • Next week's meeting: Early Science Cases.

  • Next set of large comments for Primer: September 6

-- CrystalBrogan - 2010-08-19
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