User Support Group Meeting Minutes for August, 10, 2010: Primer

  • Agreed pronounciation of Primer, with strong "eye" (same as the under coating of your car)
  • Agreed next meeting MONDAY August, 16 (only day Crystal is available next week)
  • Primer decisions/plan:
    • Gerald/Doug to implement typo/small changes suggested in emails, and then freeze current document for posterity. Copy this version to new "Early Science Primer"
    • Agreed actions for Early Science Primer:
      • Draft due Sept. 1 (time needed to iterate with NAASC and JAO before Sept. 28 deadline)
      • Have a last updated date on the front cover
      • Length be not much longer than now after revamping process is done.
      • Remove all but ALMA logo unless told otherwise by project
      • Have an early science focus, but retain comparitive wording with full ALMA capabilities, these will be distinguished throughout by color or other visual que. For exmaple page 8 currently has full science tables -> ADD early science.
      • More links to technical information, ALMA memos and the like
      • Link place holders for documents which will be available later. A good reference for these
      • Page 11: convert to more world ALMA view (now focused on NAASC) and core ARC deliverables.
      • For important ALMA content, like OT, simdata etc, create "Learn More" call out boxes
      • Move Observations and Data Reduction section to after Science Examples
      • Would like to replace some of current "place-holder" images of site (towards end of current Primer with examples of ideas discussed in Observations and Data Reduction section
      • Check list of what you need to think about to come up with science case just before science examples (i.e. resolution, sensitivity, largest angular scale) etc
      • More about spectral setup/correlator capability at early science
    • Science Examples
      • Agreed need to replace current 9 full science examples with Early Science focused ones. Current full science examples should be extracted into stand alone document that can be accessed from NAASC webpages and be a link in Primer document.
      • Decided to have 5 examples to start with -- three nice examples shown in James di Francesco's CASCA talk NAASC staff will work on getting these ready.
      • Agreed need to try and bridge gap between formal sensitivity estimates and expected real world performance and image quality.
      • For each Science example (or perhaps as few as three) show a single screen capture aspect of OT (could show spatial editor in action, another could show spectral setup, etc)
      • Example should have nice color figure from published work
      • Observation lengths in 2-4 hour range probably best
      • Agreed that SMA, CARMA, and PdBI all need to have examples represented.
        • Solar system body - Al?, Tony
        • Protoplanetary disk - Rachel, Scott, Stuartt?
        • Line survey of Massive Protostar - Crystal, Todd
        • Molecular gas and dust in Nearby Galaxy - Adam, Kartik
        • High redshift dust and spectral line - Kartik, Aaron, John
      • We will discuss draft science examples at August 24 USG meeting, please have 2-page powerpoint showing your concept. Examples due to HIA by August 30.
    • Things we'd like to add by CfP or AAS (which ever comes first)
      • Simulation showing generic example of simulation with 16 vs 50 antennas to come right after early science vs. full science tables.
      • OT Templates and/or casaguide like OT walk-thrus for the 5 Early Science Examples

-- CrystalBrogan - 2010-08-11
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