Present: R. Friesen, A. Leroy, C. Brogan, K. Sheth, A. Evans, VIDEO: B. Matthews, D. Johnston, G. Schieven, S. Schnee, PHONE: A. Remijan, A. Kimball.

(Based on notes recorded by Kartik)

  • News items from Crystal:
    • First Wed of the month at 1pm is John's meeting - focussed on the whole project. When possible Alison and Richard and Lars will call in. Focussed on the big project view.
    • Third Wed of the month at 1pm - NAASC as a whole meeting run by Carol. Update on the NAASC.
    • On John's wiki - there will be offshoot wiki and the minutes from today will be there.
    • Other news - Carol has been talking to D. Halstead about mediawiki - no progress to report. Crystal updated the group on the viewpoint of the computing group.
    • There was meant to be a public OT release on Jul 22 which did not happen. Version of the OT that starts Aug 24, OT V7.1.1. will be the version that will used for the ORR and this is the version for which we will write documentation. Some discussion of documentation due by ORR vs. at CfP. We might be able to stage some of the documentation given the time pressure.
    • Nominal plan for CfP is Dec 2 if all reviews go well and board gives go-ahead.

  • Primer discussion - new version of a draft probably due sooner than Sep 28 to allow for iteration. We will give you feedback on how we expect the revised version to be. Some discussion on deadlines and what will be in the primer. Need to add and describe array capabilities for ES. John would like 1--2 page examples of OT version for each of the science goals so that the user could set up the science case. Intent is to show that we are ready for early science.
    • Need targeted comments for the Primer update by the end of the week and have a targeted discussion next week?
    • Draft document by beginning of beginning of September.
    • Science cases are probably going to be more complicated than the simple observing mode templates, e.g., continuum, single-field etc.
    • -- Next Tuesday's meeting will be focussed on the primer and people giving feedback. Crystal will ask people to send their bulleted points. Point person in Canada - Gerald.
    • Gerald noted to take the new primer because there were some corrections made in the last couple of weeks. One issue Crystal brought up was that there was some issue with branding.

  • Crystal:
    • Document platform definition / met with John H. to discuss this and while a template from JAO would be nice - no such thing is yet avail.
    • No final disposition on mediawiki
    • Mark Lacy has converted to get Tony to be the department triage person for the help desk.
    • Heidi will likely integrate with NAASC when Tony gets back from Chile.

  • Kartik:
    • USG Google Calendar - created, not everyone has updated theirstatus here yet
    • AAS Special Session planning - contacted David and Jean and started the process for planning the talks.
    • Tutorial strawman development - begun for a two, three and weeklong workshops for ES and ultimately FS

  • Tony:
    • Already set up as triage person for the helpdesk
    • Sent Kartik all the AAS stuff he had
    • Strawman planning - waiting to get back from vacation and will do this once he is in Chile over the next 2 weeks.
    • Sat down with Rachel and planned out some logistics. Poster to be mailed out next couple of weeks and AAS exploder. Need to schedule a LOC meeting next week.

  • Aaron:
    • Main point is new OT will be very different from the current version
    • For science web - have a meeting on Aug 12th (next Thursday) to provide Aaron and Dong Chan feedback on modification etc for early science. Aaron will send an email out to all of the NAASC by end of week.

  • Rachel, Scott, Amy and Adam were volunteered to give feedback on the primer and science web - will try and do this by Tu and Thu of next week respectively.

  • Action items:
    • Crystal - After feedback from Gerald, sent email to NAASC for Primer feedback meeting on Aug. 10
    • Everyone: One or two bulleted items idea for primer as needed - what is missing etc.
    • Doug will pay for a beer for the most errors found in the primer when he is here for th next ANASAC meeting.

-- CrystalBrogan - 2010-08-04
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