Open an ssh tunnel to a server in Chile, e.g. for accessing the calibrator catalog web tool. You need to have an account on a gateway machine in Chile for this to work, i.e. either on tatio.aiv.alma.cl or login.alma.cl. This function is mostly obsolete, because the calibrator catalog became openly available to everyone in mid-2013. See searchFlux.


au.tunnel(server='pomona.osf.alma.cl', port=8080, gateway='tatio.aiv.alma.cl', user='')
  • server: the server name hosting the database query tool
  • port: the port number on that server
  • gateway: the server name that is visible to the outside world that you must log into in order to reach the rest of the ALMA network
  • user: the username of the account on the gateway machine -- if blank, it will use os.getenv('USER')


CASA <6>: au.tunnel()
Creating tunnel: ssh -N -f -L 8080:pomona.osf.alma.cl:8080 thunter@tatio.aiv.alma.cl
thunter@tatio.aiv.alma.cl's password:
Now you can access the calibrator web tool at http://localhost:8080/sourcecatweb/sourcecat/

-- ToddHunter - 2013-08-15
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