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Subtract a 2D Gaussian from an image and create a difference image. See also normalizeImage, scaleImage, imageCentroid and addGaussianToImage, addGaussianToFITSImage and makeGaussianForImage.


au.subtractGaussianFromImage(img, peak, x, y, major, minor, pa, outfile='difference.image')
  • peak: peak intensity in image brightness units (set to None to use the pixel value at xpeak,ypeak)
  • xpeak: x pixel of the peak of the Gaussian (set to None for image peak)
  • ypeak: y pixel of the peak of the Gaussian
  • major: major axis in pixels
  • minor: minor axis in pixels
  • pa: position angle of major axis in degrees


CASA <3>: au.subtractGaussianFromImage('g1192_mips24.image',2000,100,100,20,10,20)
Removing existing image
New image created =  g1192_mips24.image.gaussian
Created new image =  difference.image

-- ToddHunter - 2014-06-05
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