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Reads an ASCII spectral profile file produced by the CASA viewer, and overlays the lines in different colors. See also ispecOverlay.


tt.spectraOverlay(filename, plotfile=None, linewidth=1, histogram=True, colors=[], names=[], 
               fontsize=13, weight='bold', kelvinPerJy=None, right=0.9, markVelocity=None, 
               xlim=None, ylim=None)
  • filename: ASCII file
  • plotfile: name of file to produce
  • linewidth: passed to pl.plot
  • histogram: if True, draw flat-topped channel spectra
  • colors: a list of colors to use for the spectra (default: 'k','r','b','c')
  • names: a list of names for the legend
  • fontsize: for axis labels and tick marks
  • weight: for axis labels and tick marks
  • kelvinPerJy: if specified, then show the intensity as Kelvin Can be either a list of conversion factors, or a list of image names upon which tt.kelvinPerJansky shall be run.
  • right: passed to pl.subplots_adjust
  • markVelocity: draw a dotted line at the specified velocity
  • xlim: the x-axis limits (e.g. [x0,x1])
  • ylim: the y-axis limits (e.g. [y0,y1])


CASA <5>: tt.spectraOverlay('absorption.ascii.txt', names=['a','b','c','d'])
Plot left in file =  absorption.ascii.txt.png


-- ToddHunter - 2015-01-26
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