The Calibration/Imaging & Packaging of Solar Total Power Array (Single-Dish) data (Cycle4) [Tentative]


  1. We do not use “” for Total Power data.
  2. The execution of “” for test is not needed for Total Power data.
  3. There is no script for testing the package of Total Power data, like “”.

Future Issue

The CASA tasks for single-dish will be dramatically changed at ver. 5. The scripts will have to be modified for CASA5.

Manual of QA2 process for solar Total Power Array data

  • Get MOUS uid (From assignment ticket or Project Tracker).
  • run "python /home/da_data/scripts/DRM/Solar/ MOUS"
  • This script will set-up the following directory structure, retrieve the ASDMs and copy the scriptForCalibration and README.
    • Solar
      • Imaging
      • EB0_uid___A002_X??????_X????
      • EB1_uid___A002_X??????_X????
      • EB2_…..

Since the script generator “es.generateReducScript” cannot be used for solar data, the following script with minor modifications is used for the calibration of each EB.

The modification point are:
  1. Confirm filename - uid__A002_X??????_X????
  2. The name of ASDM “asdm”
  3. The antenna “ant” that is usable one
  4. The correction factor in step6
    • Correction factor [Antenna efficiencies] in step 6 (see White et al. 2017)
      • For Band6: 0.862
      • For Band3: 0.893
  5. Execute the calibration script for each EB.

  1. Copy all the "*" products to the Imaging directory
  2. Copy from /home/da_data/scripts/DRM/Solar/
  3. Chose a band (3 or 6), delete the band variables that you are not using.
  4. Set spw and freq parameters
  5. In CASA: execfile('')


Reference, SCIREQ-1184

-- CatarinaUbach - 2017-06-12
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