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Although casa is now able to smooth the uv data prior to solving for bandpass (via the solint parameter), having a function to smooth an existing bandpass or Tsys solution table is still useful for purposes of commissioning (e.g. FDM Tsys modes). This function should now work on both the old-style calibration tables (casa <= 3.3) and the new-style. After running this function, you can use plotbandpass to overlay the smoothed solution over the original solution. Note that if the signal to noise of your original solution is too low, this method will introduce unphysical spikes in the output solution!

CASA <3>: au.smoothbandpass(help=True)
Usage: smoothbandpass(caltable, window_len=20, window='flat', method='ri')
The output table will have '_smoothXXwindow_method' appended to the name,
where 'XX'=window_len and 'window' is the window type.  The window 
type options are: 'flat', 'hanning', 'hamming', 'bartlett', 'blackman'.
    (the flat window will produce a moving average smoothing)
Method types are 'ri' = real & imaginary or 'ap' = amp & phase or 'float' = Tsys
For more info, see the wikipedia page on window functions.

-- ToddHunter - 2011-10-07
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