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This is a test function to try alternative SD calibration equations (see CSV-2986). See also multiSingleDishSpectrum, which calls this function multiple times (for every ON observation) and builds mean calibrated spectra.


au.singleDishSpectrum(vis, antenna=0, spw=None, field=None, offstate=None, scan=None, pol=0, 
         intent='OBSERVE_TARGET#ON_SOURCE', asdm=None, tsystable=None, plotfile='', ut='', 
         showMeanIntegration=False, showMaxIntegration=False, plotEveryIntegration=False, ylimits=[0, 0], 
         scaleFactor=1.0, smoothing=1, cleanup=True, onstate=None, atmcal=None, attenuatorCorrectionFactor=None, 
          tsysvis=None, tsysspw=None, verbose=False, xlimits=[0, 0], xlimitsFdm=[0, 0], alpha=None, alphaFdm=None)
  • vis: the measurement set containing the ON, OFF data
  • tsysvis: the measurement set containing the Tsys scan to use
  • asdm: the dataset corresponding to tsysvis
  • antenna = antenna number as integer
  • spw: spw number as integer
  • field: field number as integer
  • onstate: integer STATE_ID for the on source integration
  • offstate: integer STATE_ID for the off source integration
  • pol: 0 or 1
  • ut: a string representing UT time '12:00:00' (date will be prepended)
  • showMaxIntegration: if True, show the single integration with largest mean; if False, show the single integration closest to the requested UT
  • showMeanIntegration: if True, show the mean of all integrations in a row/state_id; if False, show the single integration closest to the requested UT
  • plotEveryIntegration: make a plot for every dump rather than the mean, and build PDF
  • scaleFactor: the factor by which to multiply Robert's formula
  • cleanup: if True, remove the png files if multiple ones were made
  • attenuatorCorrectionFactor: the value to multiply the ON and OFF spectrum by
  • xlimits: the x-axis limits for the Tcal/Tsys spectra (in GHz)
  • xlimitsFdm: the x-axis limits for the FDM data spectra (in GHz)
Returns: 10 items:
  • chanfreqs, spectrum using Tcal method, spectrum using Tsys method, spectrum using mean Tsys method, list of all on-source state IDs, atmcal instance, attenuatorCorrectionFactor, scaleFactor, alpha, alphaFdm

-- ToddHunter - 2013-11-27
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