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Scale the data weight spectrum column by a user supplied factor (or square or square root them). Note: this function assumes equivalence between spw and data_descriptor_id. If this is not the case for your data, email the maintainer. See also scaleweights.


au.scaleWeightSpectrum(vis, wtfac=1.0, antenna='', square=False,
                        squareroot=False, spw='', obsid=-1) 
  • wtfac = multiplicative weight factor
  • antenna = restrict scaling to baselines including this single antenna ID (int or string)
  • square = Boolean, if True, then square the weights
  • squareroot = Boolean, if True, then take the square root of the weights
  • spw = integer or string or list of spws to process
  • obsid = integer or string or comma-delimited list of obsids to process

-- ToddHunter - 2016-04-11
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