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Round an RA/Dec sexagesimal string to specified precision.


au.roundRadec(radec, prec=3)
  • radec: a sexagesimal string: 'hh:mm:ss.sssss dd:mm:ss.sssss'
  • prec: number of digits after the seconds decimal to show; 3 yields 3 digits for Dec, and 4 digits for RA


CASA <4>: au.roundRadec('17:20:35.45678 -35:45:20.123456', 2)
17:20:35.457, -035:45:20.12
  Out[4]: '17:20:35.457, -035:45:20.12'

-- ToddHunter - 2015-01-20
Topic revision: r1 - 2015-01-20, ToddHunter
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