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Uses the CASA measures tool to convert a rest frequency, LSRK velocity, and observing date/direction to the corresponding frequency in the TOPO frame. See also topoToRest, topoToLSRK and restToLSRK.


au.restToTopo(restFrequency, velocityLSRK, datestring, ra, dec, equinox='J2000', observatory='ALMA', veltype='radio', verbose=False) 
  • restFrequency: floating point value in Hz or GHz, or a string with units
  • velocityLSRK: floating point value in km/s
  • datestring: "YYYY/MM/DD/HH:MM:SS"
  • ra: string "HH:MM:SS.SSSS"
  • dec: string "DD.MM.SS.SSSS" or "DD:MM:SS.SSSS" (colons will be replaced with .)
  • prec: only used to display the value when verbose=True
Returns: the TOPO frequency in Hz


CASA <2>: au.restToTopo(230.538, -7, '2015/10/10/10:12:00',ra='05:35:20',dec='-05:00:20')
Warning: replacing colons with decimals in the dec field.
  Out[2]: 230547826787.1521

-- ToddHunter - 2016-05-11
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