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Returns a dictionary of rest frequencies (in Hz) for specified spw(s) (and source). See also restFrequenciesASDM, transitions, restFrequency, and transition.


au.restFrequencies(vis, spw, source='', intent='OBSERVE_TARGET', verbose=False)
  • source: can be integer ID or string name or list or comma-delimited string
  • intent: if source is blank, then use first one with matching intent and spw


CASA <30>: au.restFrequencies('')
Rest frequency cell not defined for this source/spw combination (row=[324]).
{19: array([  1.45000000e+11]),
 23: [],
 25: array([  1.45090000e+11]),
 27: array([  1.46368000e+11]),
 29: array([  1.56602000e+11]),
 31: array([  1.57246000e+11])}

-- ToddHunter - 2016-08-10
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