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This is a utility to replace the Tsys spectrum for one combination of antenna+spw+pol+scan with the median value from the square law detector Tsys located in the SysCal.xml table. Typically, the SysCal.xml table was produced manually by running casapy-telcal offline. To do this, it calls getTsysFromSysCal. See also removeTsysSpike, replaceTsysScan, and replaceTsys.


au.replaceTsysScanFromSQLD(caltable, sqld, asdm, spws, verbose=False)
  • caltable: the name of the gencal-produced Tsys cal table to correct
  • sqld: the path to the SysCal.xml file to get the SQLD Tsys values from
  • asdm: the path to the original ASDM (with SpectralWindow.xml and Scan.xml)
  • spws: the spws to replace (in order of baseband number). It can be either a python list of integers, or a comma-delimited string of integers. The number of spws specified must match the number of SQLDs in the SysCal.xml file.

-- ToddHunter - 2014-04-09

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