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Prepares an ASDM for running offline casapy-telcal's tc_sidebandratio() command to regenerate the CalAtmosphere.xml table. Useful for computing sideband ratios if the values in the ASDM are simply the default values, yet sideband_ratio data exists in the ASDM. Renames the CalAtmosphere.xml and .bin tables to *.old, sets the number of CalAtmosphere rows to zero in the ASDM.xml table, and then runs tc_sidebandratio on one scan at a time (if the command is available). See also repairSysCal and repairAtmcalStateIDs.


au.repairSidebandRatio(asdm, scan, showplot=False)
  • scan: list of scans, e.g. '1,2,3' or [1,2,3]


-- ToddHunter - 2013-11-07
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