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This is a utility to interpolate across a spike in the Tsys values for one antenna, one spw, both polarizations. The spw number should be the original number in the parent ms. It automatically detects and processes old cal tables (casa 3.3) or new cal tables (casa 3.4). See also replaceTsys, replaceTsysScan, and copyTsys.


au.removeTsysSpike(calTable='', antenna=-1, spw=-1, startchan=-1, endchan=-1)

    The antenna must be the ID, not the name, but can be string or integer.  A list of antennas is not supported.
    The spw can be an integer or a string number.
    The startchan and all channels before the endchan is replaced, but the endchan is not replaced.
    The replacement value is the average of startchan-1 and endchan.  It will bomb if startchan==0.
-- ToddHunter - 2012-07-27
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