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Returns a dictionary of timestamps (keyed by version number) of all updates of the specified pad in the TMCDB. Must be run on See also compareTMCDB and readTMCDBVersionAntennaHistory.


au.readTMCDBVersionPadHistory(pad, historyfile='')
  • pad: the pad name string
  • historyfile: an alternative XML file to search. If not specified, it exports the current one.

  • a dictionary with string values in the format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS-ZZ:00 where ZZ=timezone offset.


CASA <3>: au.readTMCDBVersionPadHistory('A077')
{0: '',
 1: '2012-05-13T19:11:31.000-04:00',
 2: '2013-07-02T18:40:37.000-04:00',
 3: '2014-03-04T21:11:49.000-03:00',
 4: '2014-03-05T02:33:06.000-03:00',
 5: '2014-08-21T05:11:38.000-04:00',
 6: '2015-05-09T08:18:09.000-04:00',
 7: '2015-06-01T23:44:02.000-04:00'}

-- ToddHunter - 2015-06-15
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