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This function uses the ASDM bindings from casapy-telcal and reads the Station positions from the Station.xml file ( in the ASDM) and returns a dictionary of station positions. The dictionary format is {'J503': [x,y,z], 'N605': etc.}. See also readStationFromASDM and readStationFromASDMKeyedByAntennaName for an alternative dictionary format.


  • sdmfile: name of the ASDM


CASA <13>: au.readStationsFromASDM('uid___A002_X8113a9_X370')
{'A085': [2225268.120274, -5440066.692904, -2481468.501714],
 'T701': [2225043.380906, -5440142.747762, -2481517.200407],
 'T703': [2225102.084882, -5440096.073722, -2481565.771144],
 'WSTB1': [2225262.12, -5440307.3, -2480962.57],
 'WSTB2': [2225262.12, -5440307.5, -2480962.57]}

-- ToddHunter - 2014-05-10
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