Usage of readFluxesFromASDM

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Read the flux densities from an ASDM. First look for the CalFlux.xml file, but if that doesn't exist look for the Source.xml table (though that area was never properly implemented). Specify a sourcename, field ID, spw or list of spws in order to limit the results to a specific source and/or spw. Inserting the wildcard character (*) into sourcename will return partial matches. Returns a raw list of dictionaries (one per row) of the information:

sourceName, 'stokes': stokesParameters,
frequency, 'fluxDensity': fluxDensity,

as well as a dictionary keyed by sourceName.

See also printFluxesFromASDM, searchFlux.


mylist, mydict = au.readFluxesFromASDM(sdmfile, sourcename='', field=-1, spw=-1)
  • spw can be an integer, string or list: 1, '1', [1,2], or '1,2'

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