present a cleaner version of the flow chart, adding in discussion of spatial dynamic range and resolution vs LAS

  • user's rectangular region > 30/(representative freq)/12m >> 12m mosaic
    • screenshot reminding users where to check/set their representative freq. make sure they understand the implications of it being picked at one end of their band, and how the mosaic spacing may not then be appropriate for the other end
    • show where in OT the mosaic spacing is controlled, show a sensitivity map for nyquist and not nyquist [is this user-controllable?]

  • LAS > 30/(representative freq)/12m: ACA 7m+TP
    • define LAS in words
    • example images of a cluster of point sources vs a diffuse source, with simulations of spatial filtering for each , and probably a single pt and a mosaic example for each; current OT allows a single pt with 12m and with 7m arrays
    • show the TP 1/2 beam outside the interferometric box and how that works (how will that work for a single pointing?)

  • now that they understand what happens functionally for a given choice of LAS, show the full M51 example of uv coverage for 12m+ACA, 12m w/o ACA. I think here we should show and contrast
    • a relatively compact 12m config, for user who choses modest resolution, point out high surf brt sensitivity, and now 12m/7m uv coverage is good
    • a relatively extended 12m config for the user who choses to ask for the sky (high res and large LAS), point out sensitivity and filtering

  • max(LAS,rectangle) > 30/(representative freq)/7m: 7m mosaic - before filtering discussion?
    • is it really possible to input LAS > region size?
    • show 7m and 12m mosaics for boxes

  • flowchart:

  • see also OT requirements doc in table below

-- RemyIndebetouw - 2012-03-08
  • overresolved noisy gaussian:

  • aca+alma feathered:

  • u2simplot.png:

  • u31tmd-30.C32-1.png:

  • sim.model1.png:

  • sim.model2.png:
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