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You can reach the Project Tracker through the ALMA Science Portal. First log in. Then go to Observing, Project Tracker, Project Tracker. From there, click on the "Life Cycles button to get a graphical display of the possible states and their flow.

SB Steps

  • The DRM starts with SBs that are ready for reduction
  • The state of the SB in the Project Tracker should be "Suspended"
    • If the state is currently "Ready", move it to "Suspended"
  • When the DRM is ready to assign a reduction of an SB, change the SB state from "Suspended" to "Fully Observed"

MOUS Steps

  • The MOUS state automatically inherits the "Fully Observed" state from the SB. This is the starting point.
  • When the DRM claims an SB for reduction, change the MOUS status from "Fully Observed" to "Ready for Processing" to "Pipeline Processing"
    • This happens at the same time that a project is claimed on SCOPS-390 (for Cycle 1)
  • When an SB is determined to be a QA2_PASS or QA2_FAIL (and reported as such on SCOPS-390), change the Project Tracker status from "Pipeline Processing" to "Processed" to "QA2InProgress"
    • For QA2_FAIL, the ARC DRM is done. Only JAO handles the case of putting this back in the queue for further observations
  • When an SB is APPROVED_FOR_DELIVERY on SCOPS-390, change the Project Tracker status from "QA2InProgress" to "Verified"
  • When an SB is DELIVERED_TO_PI (and reported as such on SCOPS-390), change the Project Tracker status from "Verified" to "ReadyToDeliver" to "Delivered"

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