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Reads and prints the contents of the ASDM's Annotation.xml table. It uses the ASDM bindings library. If this library is not present on your machine, then it uses the older minidom method instead.




CASA <4>: au.printSwVersionFromASDM('uid___A002_X7bbee2_X14')
The ASDM bindings library is not available on this machine. Using the minidom code instead.

### Software version for ASDM: uid___A002_X7bbee2_X14 ###
ACS version: ACS-12_2-ICT-2367-B
Build version: ALMA-10_6_0-ICT-2367-B-2014-02-27-18-00-00
Patch: /alma/ACS-current/ACSSW/intlist/SSR: [Jira] [isInCvs: yes/no] [nphillip] [comments: 10.6 SSR development patch] [2014/Feb/11]
Patch: /alma/ACS-current/ACSSW/intlist/LagProcess: [Jira] [isInCvs: yes/no] [almamgr] [comments:] [2014/Feb/28]

-- ToddHunter - 2014-03-31

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