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Converts a baseline length into UV Distance either at the specified frequency(s), or at the four major ALMA bands (default). Prints a message in stdout with the values used for calculations. See also: printBaselineAngularScale.


au.printBaselineUVDistance(length, frequency=[], verbose=True)
  • length: in meters
  • frequency: in GHz, can be a single integer/float or a list thereof.

  • the value [in kilolambda] for the last frequency in the list


CASA <5>: au.printBaselineUVDistance(100, 230)
100 m corresponds to 76.7178 kilolambda and 2.68862 arcsec at 230 GHz
  Out[5]: 76.71781187458306
-- Main.ToddHunter - 2016-01-18
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