--Murowinski writes:

We need a pointing design description which established how the final (post-delivery) pointing will work in the three production antenna models. The information found in the AEG pointing report is a very good start. I suspect almost all the information we need already exists and just needs bringing together into one document.

Can you write a design description for the pointing subsystem which, in addition to the AEG description, considers
  • how the antenna SR position and tilt are included in the pointing,
  • how pointing is handled during nutation,
  • how the radio pointing axis to the receiver in use is established,
  • how metrology and the pointing model interact, for example the tilt sensors vs the axis tilt term and how one calibrates each and keeps them independent in operation,
  • how the metrology sensors are calibrated (when needed).

It would be very good to describe cases such as the use of SR position during fast switching between receivers, and the measurement of pointing coefficients (when a pointing model is already in place, how pointing measurements interacts with metrology, etc.).

Once you have a design description, I would like to have that reviewed by CIPT, AIPT, SE and of course science.

This is somewhat urgent and should be reviewed and stable before the OPT acceptance in late March. Could you try to have a draft of this DD before the end of Feb?

JGM is working on this...

-- AlWootten - 13 Feb 2007
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