Working Example

Here we describe a simple CASA Simulator session using a point-source image as input model.

The Basic steps involve:

!rm -rf

importfits(fitsimage='pollux.fits', imagename='')


  • Fill in appropriate parameters for almasimmos manually or in this example by executing an almasimmos script. You will also need antenna configuration list
files in a config subdirectory, obtainable here.

default almasimmos

execfile 'pollux.almasimmos.15'


Change pointingspacing to something reasonable! pollux.almasimmos.15 was written when the pointing generator for mosaics worked very differently. Leaving it at 0.01arcsec will give you a pointing every 0.01arcsec, which is a bit excessive.

pointingspacing = '9.0arcsec'


  • Use plotxy to inspect the modeled visibilities

default plotxy plotxy(vis='',xaxis="uvdist",yaxis="amp",multicolor="both",antenna='30',correlation="XX",plotsymbol="r.",plotcolor='g')

  • Launch the Viewer to see the final cleaned image.



-- AntonioHales - 16 Oct 2007
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