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Makes a plot summarizing the location of the non-channel-averaged TDM and FDM ALMA spws in a dataset. The aggregate, non-overlapping bandwidth is also calculated (by computeAggregateBandwidth) and printed for the science spws and the phase calibrator spws (if present).


au.plotspws(vis, intents=['*ATMOS*', '*PHASE*', '*BANDPASS*', '*TARGET*'], tsystable='', plotfile='')
  • vis: measurement set
  • intents: a list of strings, or a comma-delimited string
  • tsystable: if included, then run tsysspwmap and draw in red the spws used for science Tsys
  • plotfile: True, or a string as the filename to save the png plot in


CASA <3>: au.plotspws('', plotfile=True)
Science spws:  [32 34 36 38]
Tsys spw map: 32: 24,  34: 26,  36: 28,  38: 30
This function takes awhile because msmd.intentsforspw() is slow.
Working on intent =  **ATMOS**
Working on intent =  **PHASE**
Working on intent =  **BANDPASS**
Working on intent =  **TARGET**
Aggregate science bandwidth = 0.500031 GHz
Aggregate phasecal bandwidth = 7.687500 GHz
Saved plot in

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