au.plotantsTwoPanel(vis, plotfile='', plotAntennasActualSize=True, xlim=None,
                     ylim=None, showAntennaId=False, mfc='#999999', units='m',
                     title='', zoom=0.8, vis2=None, vis3=None, title2='',
                     title3='', hspace=0.2, wspace=0.25, dpi=400)
  • vis: measurement set
  • plotfile: name of plotfile
  • plotAntennasActualSize: Boolean
  • xlim, ylim: axis limits of the upper plot in meters
  • showAntennaId: Boolean
  • mfc: marker face color
  • units: 'm' or 'km' (for the upper plot)
  • title: title for the upper plot
  • zoom: the radius of the lower plot
  • vis2: a second measurement set (to be plotted in a second column of panels)
  • title2: title for the upper plot in second column
  • vis3: a third measurement set (to be plotted in a third column of panels)
  • title3: title for the upper plot in third column
  • hspace: height spacing
  • wspace: width spacing
  • dpi: dots per inch in the png


-- ToddHunter - 2015-01-19
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