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Reads the antenna positions from the ASDM and makes a plot, similar to the plotants function in casa. See also plotAntennas and es.listobs2 for plotting antennas positions from a measurement set.


au.plotantsFromASDM(asdm, plotfile='', plotAntennasActualSize=True,
                 includeWeatherStations=False, includePadNames=False, 
                 buildPDF=True, dropWeatherStations=['MeteoItinerant'],
                 logarithmic=False, includeAntennas=True, title='', 
  • plotfile: name of png to produce, if plotfile==True, then generate a default name from the asdm.plotants.png
  • plotAntennasActualSize: if True, then the markers will be scaled to match antenna diameter. If the configuration is larger than 400m, and plotAntennasActualSize==True, then a second plot will be made zoomed into the inner array.
  • includeWeatherStations: if True, then also show the location of the weather stations
  • includePadNames: if True, then include the pad names in the label of each antenna
  • includeWeatherStations: if True, then also show the location of the weather stations
  • includeAntennas, title: only pertains to the logarithmic=True option
  • logarithmic: scale the antenna positions radially from their median position by their log


CASA <8>: au.plotantsFromASDM('uid___A002_X609bf6_Xafe',plotfile=True)
saved antenna plot in uid___A002_X609bf6_Xafe.plotants.png
saved antenna plot in uid___A002_X609bf6_Xafe.plotants.zoom.png

-- ToddHunter - 2014-04-28
  • uid___A002_X609bf6_Xafe.plotants.png:
    uid   A002 X609bf6 Xafe.plotants.png
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