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Plot either the Tsys, Trx or Tsky from the SYSCAL table of the specified ALMA ms, and save as png files. Can produce a multi-page pdf. See the wrapper functions: plotTsys, plotTrx, and plotTsky. See also readTcal for reading them from the ASDM.


au.plotTcal(vis='', antenna = '', spw='', xaxis='freq', t='tsys', gs='gs',
            buildpdf=False, interactive=True, overlay='',
            plotrange=[0,0,0,0],pol='', figfile='', renumber=False, 
            replace={}, showatm=False, scan='', verbose=False, 
            fontsize=12, doplot=True, atmcal=None, returnMeans=False,
            grid=False, warndiff=0.5, cleanup=True, returnFracDiff=False,
  • t: 'tsys' (default), 'trx' or 'tsky'
  • xaxis: 'freq' (default) or 'chan'
  • gs: full path to ghostscript's gs (if not found automatically)
  • antenna: a single antenna ID (as integer or string) or name
  • overlay: '' or 'antenna'
  • pol: '' or 'X' only or 'Y' only
  • figfile: '' (no png produced) or filename to write
  • buildpdf: True or False
  • interactive: True or False
  • plotrange: [xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax]
  • renumber: renumbers the spws to start at 0, in the original order (9,11,13,15-->0,1,2,3)
  • replace: provide a dictionary for the renumbering, e.g. {9:0, 11:1, 13:2, 15:3}
  • showatm: overlay atmospheric transmission
  • scan: limit the result to this single scan
  • verbose: if True, then print median for each spw/antenna/pol
  • fontsize: of the tick labels and axis labels (default = 12)
  • doplot: if False, then don't plot anything, just return the medians
  • atmcal: an instance of class Atmcal; if None, then run Atmcal if False, then first try the faster, less robust method
  • grid: draw dotted grid lines at the major tick marks of the plot
  • warndiff: if the two pols differ by this fraction, print a warning
  • cleanup: remove pngs and single page PDFs (only used if buildpdf==True)
  • returnFracDiff: if True, return a dictionary describing warndiff
  • chanrange: use this percentage of central channels to autoscale the y-axis



-- ToddHunter - 2012-07-05
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