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Plots the solar elev vs. azim (or elev vs. time) during a dataset, with points labeled at the first and last scan, and the pointing scans. You can specify either the ms or the asdm. It reads the observatory name from the ExecBlock.xml (ASDM) or the OBSERVATION table (ms). Returns the name of the plotfile. See also sun and angleToSun.


au.plotSunDuringTrack(ms='', asdm='', plotfile='', figfiledir='', elvstime=False)
You must give either an ms or an asdm.
  • plotfile can be: True, False, or a string name
  • elvstime: default=False (el vs. az), or True (el vs. time)
  • if plotfile == '', it returns the mean solar elevation in degrees
  • if plotfile = '', it returns the name of the plotfile


CASA <3>: au.plotSunDuringTrack('')
Mean elevation = -1.006531 deg
  Out[3]: -1.0065309575340335

CASA <2>: au.plotSunDuringTrack(asdm='uid___A002_X54d35d_X761',plotfile=True)
  Found  21  scans in Scan.xml
  Out[2]: 'uid___A002_X54d35d_X761.sun.png'

uid   A002 X54d35d X761.sun.png

CASA <2>: au.plotSunDuringTrack(asdm='uid___A002_X54d35d_X761',plotfile=True, elvstime=True)
  Found  21  scans in Scan.xml
  Out[2]: 'uid___A002_X54d35d_X761.sun.elvstime.png'

uid   A002 X54d35d X761.sun.elvstime.png
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