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Uses the Atmcal class and calls checkSamplers, plotbandpass, plotms, and montageTwoPngLists in order to create side-by-side plots of the autocorrelation on the sky subscan of the first ATM calibration scan (or a specified scan) and the corresponding Tsys, near channel zero.


au.plotSamplersWithTsys(vis, caltable=None, channels=20, scan=None, filter='',skipPlotbandpass=False, skipPlotms=False, markersize=10, showatm=False)
  • channels: The number of channels to show on the x-axis
  • scan: the scan number to use
  • filter: an antenna name to skip (e.g. when Tsys has no solutions for it)
  • skipPlotbandpass: do not remove or generate Tsys plots
  • skipPlotms: do not generate autocorrelation amplitude plots
  • markersize: size of the points in the plotbandpass plots
  • showatm: pass this parameter to plotbandpass


-- ToddHunter - 2013-11-07
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