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Plots the azimuth and elevation vs. timestamp of the entries in the POINTING table corresponding to one antenna. Output file = vis.pointingTable.DV01.png


au.plotPointingTable(vis, antenna, timerange='', azplotrange=[0,0], elplotrange=[0,0])
  • vis: the measurement set Optional parameters:
  • antenna: can be an ID, a name, or a list of IDs or names; '' = all
  • timerange: 'HH:MM HH:MM'
  • azplotrange, elplotrange: in degrees If more than one antenna is requested, a PDF will be build of all plots produced.


CASA <2>: au.plotPointingTable('')
median sampling interval in POINTING table = 0.048000 sec
min interval = 0.047999 sec
max interval = 60.863999 sec

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