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This function will plot the TelCal pointing solutions that were presumably applied during the observations. The dotted black circle is the all-sky pointing specification (2"), see AlmaCal. If all antennas have a good pointing model and the thermal conditions are benign, then the results should lie inside this circle. The dashed circle is the threshold beyond which the pointing is considered suspect. This version operates on the ASDM, whereas plotPointingResults operates on the ms. If you don't have the whole ASDM, then you really only need to copy these files and put them in a subdirectory named after the ASDM: Antenna.xml, CalData.xml, CalPointing.xml, Scan.xml.


au.plotPointingResultsFromASDM(asdm='', figfile=False, buildpdf=False, gs='gs', convert='convert',
                  labels=False,xrange=[0,0],yrange=[0,0], pdftk='pdftk', interactive=True, 
                  thresholdArcsec=5.0, figfiledir='', nsigma=2, fractionOfScansBad=0.68, 
                  doplot=False, antenna=None, listsigma=False, scienceSpws=None):
  • vis: the measurement set
  • source: limit the results to a specified source (default is to plot all sources)
  • buildpdf: compile all plots into a multi-page PDF
  • gs, convert and pdftk: In case these programs are not found in your path, the full path to the programs can be specified via these parameters.
    • Note: The default program for concatenating PDFs is pdftk, but gs will be used if pdftk is not found.
  • labels: set to True to draw tiny antenna names at all the points. Otherwise, the names are drawn only if the offset is > nsigma * standard_deviation for that scan
  • figfile:
    • Setting figfile=True will result in a series of png files named: asdm.pointing.scan%02d.png
    • Setting figfile='myfigure' will result in a series of png files, myfigure.scan%02d
  • figfiledir: will prepend the specified path to figfile
  • interactive: set to False for use in a script to generate all plots without pausing
  • gs, pdftk, convert: In case they are not found in your path, the full path to the programs gs, convert and pdftk can be specified. The default program for concatenating PDFs is pdftk, but gs will be used if pdftk is not found.
  • nsigma: threshold for drawing the antenna name next to its point
  • thresholdArcsec: value of radial offset above which the antenna's pointing solution is considered suspect for that scan
  • fractionOfScansBad: the fraction of scans for which an antenna must exceed thresholdArcsec to be declared "suspect"
  • doplot: setting this to False will produce no plots to the screen (or a file) but will still return the suspect antenna list
  • antenna: if an antenna name is specified, then it will produce a plot of pointing offsets vs. time (scan) for that antenna
  • listsigma: if True, then print ratio of offset/uncertainty
  • scienceSpws: if specified, determine primary beam radius for the mean science frequency, and use this as thresholdArcsec if it is smaller than that parameter.
  • a list of figure file names produced (possibly a blank list), followed by a list of antenna names which have suspected bad pointing.


CASA <3>:  au.plotPointingResultsFromASDM('uid___A002_X2f0ad3_X279',figfile=T)
  Found  56  rows in CalPointing.xml
  Found  26  scans in Scan.xml
pointing scans =  [1, 5, 8, 11]
pointing sources = J1751+096, J1924-292, Neptune, J1625-2527
Figure left in uid___A002_X2f0ad3_X279.pointing.scan01.png
Figure left in uid___A002_X2f0ad3_X279.pointing.scan05.png
Figure left in uid___A002_X2f0ad3_X279.pointing.scan08.png
Figure left in uid___A002_X2f0ad3_X279.pointing.scan11.png

Here is an example where 3 antennas are badly-pointed:
CASA <6>: au.plotPointingResultsFromASDM('/lustre/naasc/cbrogan/Cycle0_data_reduction/Kelsey_p348/X22a/uid___A002_X57b9e2_X22a',interactive=False,figfile=True)
  Found  84  rows in CalPointing.xml
  Found  19  scans in Scan.xml
pointing scans =  [1, 5, 8]
pointing sources =  J053851-440507, J051002+180041, J0826-225
Figure left in uid___A002_X57b9e2_X22a.pointing.scan01.png
Figure left in uid___A002_X57b9e2_X22a.pointing.scan05.png
Figure left in uid___A002_X57b9e2_X22a.pointing.scan08.png
Antenna DV01 was an outlier (>5.0 arcsec) for all scans
Antenna DV23 was an outlier (>5.0 arcsec) for all scans
Antenna DV24 was an outlier (>5.0 arcsec) for all scans
 ['DV01', 'DV23', 'DV24'])

uid   A002 X57b9e2 X22a.pointing.scan01.png

uid   A002 X57b9e2 X22a.pointing.scan05.png

uid   A002 X57b9e2 X22a.pointing.scan08.png
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