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If you are curious about the pointing results in your data, this function will plot them from the ASDM_CALPOINTING table in your ms, assuming that you have imported the ASDM with asis='*'. If you would prefer to be able to plot directly from the ASDM, then you can run plotPointingResultsFromASDM.


au.plotPointingResults(vis='', source='', figfile=False, buildpdf=False, 
      gs='gs', convert='convert', verbose=False, labels=False, pdftk='pdftk', debug=False, 
      interactive=True, nsigma=2, thresholdArcsec=10.0, fractionOfScansBad=0.6, doplot=True)
  • vis: the measurement set
  • source: limit the results to a specified source
  • buildpdf: compile all plots into a multi-page PDF
  • gs, convert and pdftk: In case these programs are not found in your path, the full path to the programs can be specified via these parameters.
    • Note: The default program for concatenating PDFs is pdftk, but gs will be used if pdftk is not found.
  • interactive: set to False to avoid the need to press return after each scan is plotted.
  • labels: set to True to draw the antenna names at each point, otherwise, it only draws the name if the offset is > nsigma times the standard deviation for that scan.
  • nsigma: threshold for drawing the antenna name next to its point if labels=False
  • fractionOfScansBad: the fraction of scans for which an antenna must exceed thresholdArcsec to be declared "suspect"
  • doplot: setting this to False will produce no plots to the screen (or a file) but will return the suspect antenna list
  • a list of figure file names produced, followed by a list of antenna names which have suspected bad pointing.

-- ToddHunter - 2011-10-19
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