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Plot the parallactic angle for a given RA/Dec, and over a specified range of LST or hour angle. See also parallacticAngle.


au.plotParallacticAngle(radec, mjd=None, date=None, observatory='ALMA', incrementMinutes=3.0, 
       xaxis='lst', haRange=None, lstRange=None)
  • radec: a sexagesimal string or a float list: [raRad, decRad]
  • mjd: MJD to use
  • date: date/time string to use
  • xaxis: 'mjd', 'lst', or 'ut'
  • haRange: if specified, then limit the hour angle to specified range
  • lstRange: if specified, then limit the hour angle to specified range
  • If no date is specified, it uses the current date/time.

  • the range of parallactic angle as a list


CASA <7>: au.plotParallacticAngle('17:51:00 09:39:00', date='2015-06-21', haRange=[-3,3])
MJD= 57194.00000, MJDseconds= 4941561600.0, JD= 2457194.50000
LST range = 6.0 hours, parallactic angle range = 105.513389 deg
Plot left in  parang.2015-06-21.png
  Out[3]: 105.51339127464979


-- ToddHunter - 2015-06-19
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