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Read and plot the PWV values from the ASDM via the CalWVR.xml table. With this function, if you did not import the ASDM tables with importasdm, you can still plot the PWV vs. time from TelCal from the ASDM. By default, the median over antennas over 30 second time intervals is plotted. Setting showmedian=False will show every data point.


au.plotPWVFromASDM(asdm='', figfile=False, showMedianOnly=False, avgtime=30.0, meanelev=-1, 
                   freq=-1, station=1, linetype='.-', markersize=9, bandwidth=1.0, panels=1, 
  • figfile: Boolean, or a string (default filename = 'asdm.pwv.png')
  • showMedianOnly: show median only (True), or with all antennas colorized (False)
  • avgtime: time window over which to bin the PWV data
  • meanelev: compute the PWV at this specified elevation by scaling from zenith
    • freq: compute the transmission at this frequency at meanelev (GHz or string with units)
    • station: the weather station to use to compute transmission
    • bandwidth: the bandwidth to use to compute transmission (GHz or string with units)
  • linetype: to use on the showMedianOnly=True plot
  • markersize: of plotted points
  • panels: if 1, then PWV vs. time, if 2, then also plot PWV vs. height
  • plotrange: used for the second panel only


CASA <2>: au.plotPWVFromASDM('uid___A002_X5e8889_X214',figfile=True)
  Found  510  rows in CalWVR.xml
Found WVR data from 34 antennas
Found 14 times
 median PWV at zenith = 0.909 mm over 0.924 hours
Figure saved to uid___A002_X5e8889_X214.pwv.png

CASA <4>: au.plotPWVFromASDM('uid___A002_X5e8889_X214',figfile=True,freq=370,meanelev=30)
  Found  510  rows in CalWVR.xml
Found WVR data from 34 antennas
Found 14 times
 median PWV at zenith = 0.909 mm over 0.924 hours
 median PWV at elev=30 = 1.818 mm over 0.924 hours
Calling readStationFromASDM('uid___A002_X5e8889_X214',34)
The ASDM bindings library is not available on this machine. Using minidom code instead.
Data found from stationId 34
Name = WSTB1, location =  [2225262.12, -5440307.3, -2480962.57]
Median conditions: P,H,T =  554.905395508 14.2716498375 268.253100061
 transmission at median PWV at 370.0 GHz = 8.0 percent
Figure saved to uid___A002_X5e8889_X214.pwv.png

-- ToddHunter - 2011-10-17
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