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This function will plot a polar view of one or both hemisphere's worth of observatories with ITRF coordinates in the specified CASA repository table. The axes will be in XY coordinates, with latitude and longitude lines marked. The locations are first drawn in red, then in blue so that disagreements between the latitude/longitude and the XYZ in the table will be apparent.


plotObservatories(table='/usr/lib64/casapy/release/4.1.0/data/geodetic/Observatories', hemisphere='north')
  • hemisphere: 'north', 'south', or 'both'


CASA <3>: au.plotObservatories(hemisphere='both')
Figure saved in plotObservatories_both.png

-- ToddHunter - 2013-08-23
  • plotObservatories_both.png:
    plotObservatories both.png

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