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This is a simple wrapper to plotms to plot a summary of elevation vs time for a dataset, color-coded by field. See also plotElevation and plotAzimuth which use matplotlib instead of plotms and are not color-coded.


au.plotElevationSummary(vis, plotfile='', vs_azim=False, overwrite=False, allBasebands=False):
  • plotfile: can be True (in which case a default name is produced: vis.elevation.png), or a string name
  • vs_azim: if True, then make the x-axis be azimuth
  • overwrite: if True, overwrite an existing plot file
  • allBasebands: if True, then plot points for all basebands (will be slower); otherwise pick the first non-WVR baseband


CASA <2>: au.plotElevationSummary(vis, plotfile=True):
  Out[2]: ''

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