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This function reads the decorrelation information from the CalPhase.xml file and plots it. See also readSeeingFromASDM.


au.plotDecorrelation(asdm, scan=[], ylim=[0,1], plotfile='', doplot=True, baseband=0)
  • scan: a list of phase cal scans, from zero up to the number of scans on the phase calibrator
  • ylim: limits on the y-axis to show
  • plotfile: True, or a string
  • baseband: 0 means all, otherwise 1,2,3, or 4
  • median over all measurements from specified baseband(s)


CASA <3>: au.plotDecorrelation('uid___A002_X7ea111_Xc03/', scan=[0], plotfile=True)
The ASDM bindings library is not available on this machine. Using minidom instead.
Found 28 measurements on 36 baselines
Plot saved in  uid___A002_X7ea111_Xc03.decorrelation.png

uid   A002 X7ea111 Xc03.decorrelation.png

-- ToddHunter - 2014-10-04

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