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A convenient wrapper for plotms to show all spws for a single baseline on one page, and do it for all baselines, or all baselines including specific antenna(s).


au.plotBaselinesOneScan(vis, spw, scan, xaxis='time', yaxis='phase', correlation='', 
      iteraxis='spw', coloraxis='corr', plotrange=[0, 0, -180, 180], pdfname='', antenna='',
      debug=False, customflaggedsymbol=False, title='', flaggedsymbolshape='nosymbol',
       avgchannel='10000', xsharedaxis=False, ysharedaxis=False, showgui=False,
       repeatBaselines=False, onlybuildpdf=False, dropAntennas=[], overwritePdfs=True, gs='gs')
Required inputs:
  • vis: measurement set
  • spw: list of spws
  • scan: a single scan number

Other Inputs:
  • antenna: a list of antenna names to include (default = all)
  • repeatBaselines: if True, then show each baseline twice, in order in the list for both component antennas
  • onlybuildpdf: if True, then assume that all the pngs already exist and so do not run plotms
  • dropAntennas: do not display any baselines for these antennas
  • overwritePdfs: overwrite single-page PDFs (passed to buildPdfFromPngs)


1. Produce all baselines for just two antennas:

-- ToddHunter - 2015-03-07
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