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This is a simple plotter for atmospheric transmission, opacity or sky temperature as a function of frequency for the specified observatory and/or weather conditions


plotAtmosphere(pwv=None, frequency=[0, 1000], bandwidth=None, telescope='ALMA', temperature=None, 
                        altitude=None, latitudeClass=None, pressure=None, humidity=None, numchan=1000, 
                        airmass=1.0, elevation=0, figfile='', plotrange=None, quantity='transmission', h0=None
                        drawRectangles=[], drawVerticalBars=[], overlay=False, fontsize=12, showgrid=False,
                        linewidth=[1,1,1], color=['b','b','b'], linestyle=['-','--',':'], drawWVR=False)
    Simple plotter of atmospheric transmission. The units for input are:
   * pwv in mm
   * frequency in GHz (either a single value, or a tuple for the range)
   * bandwidth in GHz (only used if frequency is a single value)
   * temperature in Kelvin
   * altitude in meters
   * latitudeClass ('tropical', 'midLatitudeWinter'(default), or 'midLatitudeSummer')
   * pressure in mbar
   * humidity in percentage
   * elevation in degrees
   * plotrange (for y axis)
   * telescope (if not '', then apply nominal values for 'ALMA' or 'EVLA')
   * quantity ('transmission', 'opacity', or 'tsky')
   * h0 (scale height of H2O in km)
   * drawRectangles  ([[x0,x1],[x2,x3],...])  These rectangles span the vertical range and are lightly shaded in grey, and can be used to mark baseband ranges.
   * drawVerticalBars ([x0,x1,...])   These are dashed lines that span the vertical range, and can be used to mark LO1.
   * overlay: if True, show the wet component, dry component and their sum (transmission or opacity only)
   * fontsize: of tick labels and axis labels
   * showgrid: if True, show dotted lines on major ticks
   * linewidth: list of linewidths for each component: [sum, dry, wet]
   * colors: list of pylab colors for each component
   * linestyle: list of pylab linestyles for each component
   * drawWVR: if True, then draw rectangles for the four WVR channels


CASA <2>: au.plotAtmosphere(frequency=660, bandwidth=3.75, telescope='ALMA', pwv=.472, figfile='alma.660.png')
Mean opacity = 0.5328, transmission = 0.5870, Tsky = 116.5187, Tsky_planck=101.432


CASA <3>: au.plotAtmosphere([0,250],pwv=4,telescope='VLA',overlay=True,quantity='opacity',plotrange=[0,0.41],fontsize=16,linewidth=[3,3,3],color=['k','r','b'],linestyle=['-','--','-'],figfile='vla_atm.png') 
  • vla_atm.png:
    vla atm.png
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