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Retrieves and plots the PWV measured at APEX telescope, near ALMA. If asdm is specified, then it marks the range of time for that asdm or list of asdms and automatically widens the x-axis to contain all asdms.


au.plotApexPWV(startdate=None, enddate=None, plotfile='', asdm=[], asdmzoom=True, antenna='')
  • startdate: date on which to begin (at midnight)
  • endate: date on which to end (at midnight)
  • asdm: either a comma-delimited string or a list of strings, or a single string with wildcard character (.ms and .png are ignored)
  • asdmzoom: if True then zoom to the timespan of the asdm(s)
  • antenna: if asdm is specified, then also overlay PWV from this WVR
  • plotfile: name of plotfile to produce, or True to produce apexpwv_YYYY-MM-DD.png


CASA <49>: au.plotApexPWV('2015-11-26', plotfile=True)

-- ToddHunter - 2015-11-26
  • apexpwv_2015-11-26.png:
    apexpwv 2015-11-26.png
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