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Pick the appropriate TICRA image (the squared and normalized version) from the analysisUtils area to use for ALMA beamsize simulations as a function of frequency and antenna type.


au.pickTicraImage(frequency, antennaType, ticraDir=os.path.dirname(__file__)+'/TicraImages/', 
           excludeBand3=True, excludeBand3Below=109.0):
  • frequency: floating point number in GHz (no units) or a string with units
  • antennaType: string containing either 'DV', 'PM', or 'DA'
  • ticraDir: the directory containing the *EFP.im.square.normalized images
  • excludeBand3: if True, then do not allow a Band 3 model to be selected at frequencies below 'excludeBand3Below'
  • excludeBand3Below: the frequency in Band 3 below which to use the 125 GHz TICRA model instead of the nearest Band 3 model


CASA <2>: au.pickTicraImage(225,'DA')
  Out[2]: '/users/thunter/test/AIV/science/analysis_scripts/TicraImages/ALMA_0_DA__0_0_360_0_45_90_211_211_227_GHz_ticra2007_EFP.im.square.normalized'

-- ToddHunter - 2014-03-18
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