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Returns the best pixel size to use with the specified convsupport parameter for the SF option of sdimaging. It uses the fact that the FWHM of the SF function is equal to the FWZI divided by 2.6918. See also sfBeam.


au.pickPixelSize(frequency, convsupport=5, sfratio=0.5)
  • frequency: string with units, or a floating point number in GHz
  • sfratio: the desired ratio between the FWHM of the SF and the telescope beam


CASA <3>: au.pickPixelSize(345,3)
Coefficient from Baars (2007) Eq 4.13 for a -10.0dB edge taper and obscuration ratio=0.75/12 = 1.131*lambda/D
  Out[3]: 3.7895732352325577

-- ToddHunter - 2013-12-13
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