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Converts a string frequency into floating point in GHz. See also parseFrequencyArgument, parseAntennaArgument, and getBand. If the units are not present, then the value is assumed to be GHz if less than 1000, otherwise Hz


  • bandwidth: a string with units, e.g. '1.34GHz' (supported units: GHz, MHz, kHz, Hz)


CASA <3>: au.parseFrequencyArgumentToGHz('56.4MHz')
  Out[3]: 0.056400000000000006
CASA <3>: au.parseFrequencyArgumentToGHz('318')
  Out[3]: 318.0
CASA <3>: au.parseFrequencyArgumentToGHz(318)
  Out[3]: 318.0

--Main.ToddHunter - 2014-03-06
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