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Computes the range of parallactic angles for a specified field in a measurement set. See also parallacticAngle, plotParallacticAngle, and hourAngleForField.


au.parallacticAngleForField(vis, field, verbose=True)
  • vis: measurement set
  • field: field ID or string name
  • verbose: if True, then print the derived time range
Returns: a dictionary of parallactic angles (in degrees), keyed by 'min', 'max', and 'mean'


CASA <3>: au.parallacticAngleForField('',0)
MJD: 56378.328515-56378.334303 = 07:53:04-08:01:24 UT
{'max': 47.678577285326384,
 'mean': 45.68147761977729,
 'min': 43.97178714193907}

-- ToddHunter - 2015-08-22
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