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Extract a single row through the peak of a list of images and overlay them. Assumes that the frequencies match.


au.overlayHolographyCuts(images, plotfile='', plotrange=[0, 0, -40, 1], 
                                            interpolate=False, gaussian=None, 
                                           overlay=6, interactive=True, skipCM=True, 
                                           subplot=22, asdmdir=None, titleString=None)
  • plotfile: the name of the plotfile to produce. ".png" will be appended if not present.
  • interpolate: passes this parameter to au.extractCutFromImage
  • gaussian: the FWHM of a Gaussian profile to overlay
  • overlay: for subplot=22, the maximum number of cuts to overlay before incrementing the subpanel
  • subplot: either 22 (default) or 11. 22 is meant for overlaying antennas, while 11 is meant for overlaying different times for a single antenna
  • asdmdir: if specified, then extract the ASDM name from the image name and read the observation start date from the ASDM and print it in the figure.
  • titleString: used only if subplot=11

-- ToddHunter - 2014-01-21
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