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Computes the edge of a mosaic pointing pattern. It supports both the old-style (Cycle 0-3) and new-style (Cycle 4+) formats of the ALMA OT output file.


tt.outermosaic(pointings, radius, showplot=False)
  • pointings: an ASCII file output by the ALMA OT: format = "J2000 HHhMMmSS.Ss DDdMMmSS.Ss"
  • radius: beam radius to trace (in arcsec)
  • list of marker positions suitable for aplpy's show_markers function

Example with aplpy plotting

    x,y = tt.outerMosaic('ngc6334i.pointings', 14.7) # 40% point at 227 GHz

-- ToddHunter - 2015-04-14
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