Consensus in conversation with ted, the preferred solution: renew contract with open sky for one year; hire new software eng in Jan/Feb. Results in "zero sum" after dropping Open Sky contract.

Tony: These two DAs were in addition to the DAs that the NAASC is hiring. Thinks they should be ranked.

Karen: Strongly in favor of supporting them. HBC relatively high priority.

Fair consensus:
  • 3 DAs
  • Replacing TAC
  • Sessions legacy tools
  • GBT Archive Access
  • EVLA Calibration pipeline &
  • GBT data pipeline
  • HBC 1FTE for two successive years (training, too?)
  • Travel for ASC - professional development (add VLBA and GBT; Karen and Claire to repackage this for Lori; support for workshop and user training for the community & publicizing development and capabilities).


Data Analysts -

Claire: Heidi Medlin moving EVLA to ALMA; once she's gone, there will be no data analysts at all. Will be in bind without DAs.

Karen - GBT needs help; could help if there were a DA. Things don't get published at GBT because they need some DA help. Replacing TAC tools seems to be a bigger potential catastrophe.

Tony - Two DAs would move between GBT and SOC? Could be shared as needed.

Claire: GBT asked for 2 FTEs; need both.

Offers will be made for DAs for NAASC soon. Jarrod has been working on VLBA pipeline. New DAs should be cross-trained? Andy stay for a month or so at SOC for training with Heidi? VLBA DA: Jared would like to continue the work; will coordinate with Bill?

Recommended: 3 DAs

Tim - Claire & Karen please resources that have been allocated for project.

VLBA PostDoc for science support -

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-05-19
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