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Loads a csv file from the O2 sounder and generates a plot or a movie, or returns profiles of T, RH, VD, LD. See also fitLapseRateAndScaleHeightASDM.


au.o2sounder(filename, profile=0, makemovie=False, Tlimits=[210,290],
              VDlimits=[0,2.0], LDlimits=[0,0.05], RHlimits=[0,30],
              delay=10, returnProfiles=False, quantity='T', fitLR=[],
              fitSH=None, title='', plotfile='')
  • filename: name of CSV text file from vesta.osf.alma.cl
  • profile: time-series index number of the profile to plot
  • makemovie: if True, then make a movie of all profiles
  • Tlimits: y-axis limits for plotting Temperature
  • VDlimits: y-axis limits for plotting vapor density
  • LDlimits: y-axis limits for plotting liquid density
  • RHlimits: y-axis limits for plotting relative humidity
  • delay: between frames in the movie
  • quantity: 'T', 'VD', 'LD', or 'RH'
  • fitLR: linear coefficients of a fit to overlap on the lapse rate plot [offset, slope]
  • fitSH: scale height to use to overlay an exponential curve on the density plots (in km)
  • title: for the top of the plot
  • plotfile: name of png to produce; True --> o2_profiles__.png
  • if returnProfiles==False, the name of the png or movie produced
  • if returnProfiles==True: 3 arrays of: height, quantity, timestamp

-- ToddHunter - 2016-05-14
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